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User Experience Upgrades: My Design Odyssey Across Different Industries



Product Designer

Jun 2023- Mar 2024







Enabled content discovery through AI-Driven content curation. Check out the full case study with a deep dive in the process here.

Crafted a personalization powerhouse for Zee5- a complete revamp of the "For You" page using Gen-AI capability across all platforms (Mobile, PWA & CTV) which helped increase the viewership by 68%


Redesigned Search Landing with personalized filters & masonry grid for a more intuitive browsing experience.

Crafted an elevated content browsing experience for the Search Landing page. The goal was to present the Search page as a place for streamlined browsing by giving the user demographic-based personalized filters and a masonry-style grid to differentiate between content types.


Conceptualized and designed the tournament experience for the Games section to increase user engagement in Zee5 

From concept to execution, I focused on creating a visually appealing and user-friendly experience that would keep Zee5 users hooked on the competitive spirit and increase game sessions.


Optimized video consumption page for TV Shows by introducing a content-specific section for easy navigation 

With 100s of episodes and related content available for the users per TV Show, it gets hard to find what they need. To solve this, I came up with multiple concepts to solve episodic navigation and improve related content discovery.


Designed a full-fledged Karaoke app in a week through rapid co-creation to introduce new voice filter capability

This intense sprint required rapid ideation and collaboration. We focused on core functionalities like song selection, lyric display, and voice filter features, while ensuring a user-friendly interface that would get anyone belting out their favorite tunes in no time.


UX  Designer

Jan 2023- May 2023




FabHotels Design System

To streamline design and elevate the user experience, I built a comprehensive Design Language System (DLS). 

This system established a unified visual language with reusable components, design guidelines, and best practices, ensuring brand consistency and a smoother user journey across the FabHotels mobile app.

TravelPlus Login Page

FabHotel's TravelPlus B2B login got a makeover! Now it's so smooth, logging in will be your favorite business trip.

Created a new login page for the B2B platform "TravelPlus", which streamlined the user login process and reduced login errors by 15%, by conducting user testing and iterating on the design based on feedback.

UX Audit

FabHotel app under the microscope! UX audit preps on to ensure a stellar user journey. 

This involved employing industry-standard methods like heatmaps to visualize user interaction patterns and evaluating the app's usability against the heuristics principles for user interface design. This comprehensive approach allowed us to identify areas for improvement and optimize the user experience for FabHotel's mobile app users.

Screenshot 2024-04-19 130839.png



Master of Design

Aug 2021- May 2023




Music festival app design

User-centered music festival experience: From conceptualization to interactive prototypes, this project tackles attendee pain points through design thinking.

This project explores crafting a seamless music festival experience through user research and iterative design.  The most promising ideas were translated into interactive prototypes, enabling us to refine and validate the user experience.

Fujifilm app redesign

Case study on complete revamp of Fujifilm's Camera Remote application and brand redesign

This case study dives deep into the revitalization of Fujifilm's Camera Remote application. This involved a comprehensive design process, encompassing user research, interface design refresh, and the creation of a cohesive visual language that aligns with Fujifilm's brand image.

Trendbook 2023

A magazine on Trend Research and Forecasting for the year 2023

In a unique time capsule project, we envisioned the future of trends by crafting a magazine in 2022 that predicts what will resonate with audiences in 2023. Through in-depth research and trend analysis, we curated content that explores the themes, styles, and innovations poised to capture attention in the coming year.

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