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Product designer with 3+ years of experience who translates user needs into compelling visuals & interactive experiences

Selected Projects

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Hi! I'm Charvi, hailing from the majestic city of Jaipur. While my Bachelor's degree in Physics, Math & Computer Science laid the tech foundation (think HTML, CSS, C++, Python, the whole shebang!), my heart truly lies in the realm of visual design and creative direction. Think of me as a UX designer with a secret superpower: coding fluency!

My design experience spans across hospitality, entertainment, and F&B industries, and I've collaborated with some pretty awesome companies (check them out on my resume!). When I'm not crafting pixel-perfect experiences, you'll find me penning letters (that may or may not get lost in the mail ), taking spontaneous photo walks, hopping between cafes, or politely disappearing into the background at social gatherings. ☕️

Thanks for stopping by! Let's dive into my design projects and see the magic unfold. ✨

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